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(6.16k) A small console game.

Author: Converted by Mike Caetano


(16.2k) Famous game.

Author: Rihad


(20.2k) Famous game.

Author: Rihad


(158k) This was my first attempt at writing a windows game, so the codes more than a bit rough around the edges, but I thought there might be something in there that someone could use.

Author: Les Farrell


(7.2k) The Othello game. (Windows)

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


(10k) A simple game (Windows)

Author: Holger Buick


(150k) A Chess game. The chess pieces are bitmaps.

Contributed by: Joerg Schleede


(6k) A console game.

Ruslan Smekalov


(25k) I like to play freecell, but i don't like that there is no possibility to replay a game without it counts as lost. So i have written a little program to kill freecell during a game and restart it with the same game-number. In this program i use functions to control a program by an other. It uses also parts of the program WinKill from your homepage.

Author: Alexander Neumeister


(43k) A small game where coloured balls are used to make lines.

Author: Yang Chao


(192k) A simple puzzle game built with LCC-Win32/BCX.

Author: Peter Kort


(155k) A remake (enhanced) of Chess (see above for original)

Contributor: Joerg Schleede


(481k) A. - "Extra M.A.M.E." is a small MS Windows compatible GUI wrapper for M.A.M.E., the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator authored by Nicola Salmoria and the MAME team. M.A.M.E. let's you play thousands of old-school arcade games on your computer. Read docs are included.

Author: Ruslan Smekalov


(68k) Popular game - TicTacToe

Author: Jerad Whitaker


(27k) SameGame is small puzzle game. The goal is to remove all the pieces. You can erase pieces of the same color which are connected vertically or horizontally by clicking on them. Any pieces over the erased pieces will drop down. If all the pieces in a vertical line are erased, the pieces on the right will slide to the left. The game is over when there are no pieces which can be erased. The more pieces you remove at the same time, the more points you score. 

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


(6k) Sol is a version of Solitaire. 

Author: Mladen Mintakovic

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