NT Based Systems This page was last updated 2nd December 2003


(12.9k) Example of a general service, Console App. ReadMe is included

Author: Richard  Sanders


(1.2k) Isadmin.c contains a routine for check administrator rights.

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


SpOck! - Send Messages using W2K LAN message system.

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


(339k) SmallUnicodeEditor loads and saves UNICODE format and incorporates bi-directional text support for Arabic or Hebrew languages (RightToLeft). It can work with Windows 2000 IME to enter and render texts in Chinese and Japanese. Various Unicode  files are included in the zip. (Hebrew & Arabic etc.)

Author: Jacques Laporte


(9k) This sample demonstrates setting and retrieving the document properties that can be found under the summary tab in file properties. This sample is currenly Windows 2000/XP only (see readme for details).

Author: TMouse


(47k) This application demonstrates how to inject a DLL into a remote process using CreateRemoteThread. The application adds a toolbar to notepad. To run cbNotepad simply extract cbNotepad.exe and cbNotepad.dll to the same directory and execute.

Author: TMouse


(7k) A small example containing code for anonymous netsend.

Author: Joerg

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