OLE & COM This page was last updated 1st March 2005


(141k) OleLoadPic demonstrates how to use the API OleLoadPicture() to load a picture from a file or resource. Useful if you need a JPG instead of a bitmap in an applications resource section.

Author: John Findlay


(17.7k) ComLib demonstrates how to create a COM library. The zip contains two projects, one for the library and one for the test programme. There is also a readme.txt. Don't forget to register the dll before trying to run the test app from a console window.

Author: Jep


(6.25k) ITOM is an example using the Text Object Model (TOM). It uses the ITextDocument COM Interface. GUID IID_ITextDocument

Author: Juan Balderas


(7k) Tts_Tool is an Interface for using SAPI Text-to-Speech.

Author: Martin Goebbel


(12k) A simple example of using the above SAPI Text-to-Speech interface.

Author: John White

(18k) A proposal for creating COM interfaces with lcc-win32 with an extended structure holding the interface vtable and the required variables for one instance of the COM interface.

Demo for Drag and Drop.

Author: John Findlay


(20k) Similar to DrDrDemo but with the added IDropTarget interface which allows proper/custom image drag-ing to and from Desktop/Explorer. I have left DgDrDemo here because it uses a different method of receiving dropped files.

Author: John Findlay


(40k) COM Control Browser.

Author: John Findlay


(2k) Simple demo to demonstrate basic com automation setup under lccwin32.

Author: Mike Caetano


(18k) SpeechDLL contains many functions for controlling Text-to-Speech.

Author: John White


(25k) BrowserApp uses the WebBrowser COM control. Originally create by Jacob - with some added by John.


(8k) WBem, Web Based Enterprise Management example.

Author: Mike Caetano


(21k) DExplore_test, example showing how to use the MS Help 2 DExplore Viewer using its undocumented COM Interface. Interface included and an HTM file explaining the undocumented COM Interface.

Author: Friedrich Dominicus


(14k) ContextMenuExt.dll is a Shell Context menu extension using COM that works with the FindFile app that you will find in the Utilities section.

Read the README file for instructions on how to register the DLL

Author: John


(205k) Comal (COM Access Library) is an extensive archive with examples and library.

Author: John White


(307k) ComalDB is an addition to the above archive COMAL.

Author: John White

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