Utilities This page was last updated 25th February 2005

Various helpful utilities for use by LCC-Win32 coders. 

(44.3k) Wmkpsw.exe is a wizard that creates code ready to be compiled by LCC-Win32. Follow the on screen instructions to create the templates, create a project with Wedit, then add the C & RC files and MAKE.

Author: Jep

(158k) (UPDATE 30th Nov) Master Music Program. This program is used as a music file catalog and player. Uses FMOD to play music.

Author: Kenneth Lantrip

(170k) FindFile finds files or text in files. Scans drives fast and will search by dates or sizes. You can launch, delete, copy, move, drag & drop files etc. Link with ole32.lib oleaut32.lib shell32.lib urlmon.lib uuid.lib wlib.lib

See FindFileChanges.txt for Updates

8th February 2005. Stephan Zorn added sorting of the Folders column.

12th February 2005. Corrected small bug that caused a beep when closing the app.

25th February 2005. Change code in DoShellExecuteEx() to put quotes around path+filename, some apps do not accept paths with spaces.

Author: John Findlay
(362k) This tool serves for monitoring, cleaning and optimisation of RAM. It is used for increasing of operation system performance and for releasing RAM for usage by other processes.

Author: Ruslan Smekalov

(26k) Disable or Enable Devices. 

Author: Microsoft

(1370k) PLACER is the freeware program to make image vectorization and proceeding of (c)Intel Open CV library(2D dimensional histogram, pyramid hierarchical smoothing, flood filling, dilation and erosion morphology operations, Gaussian smoothing and threshold, Canny edge detection, polygonal approximation, active contour optimization, Hough lines detection. Input raster is an uncompressed TIFF image, output is windows meta file or clipboard. 

Author: Andrey Barkhatov

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