Windows Common Controls This page was last updated 1st February 2002

(9.64k) The Windows Rebar control.
A rebar control displays the child window over a specified background bitmap. As you dynamically reposition a rebar control band, the rebar control manages the size and position of the child window assigned to that band.

Author: Microsoft

A good example showing the different listview types. Different icon views, Report view etc.

Author: Mark Gamber

(4.74k) Demonstrates the use of the "SysDateTimePick32" class. The code was generated with Kevin Diggins 'Basic to C Translator (ver 2.69)'.

Author: Kevin Diggins

(13.4k) Rotatecalc is a left and right bit rotation calculator. Uses a listview control.

Author: Mike Caetano

(10k) Property is an example from the MS PSDK that demonstrates 'PropertySheets'. I have added a few things to supplement their code.

Author: John Findlay

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