Custom Controls This page was last updated 4th August 2004

(9.66k) Control to put T bars on the window, one vertical and one horizontal.

Author: John Findlay

(29k) Hyperlink Control. (hot label with sound) 

Author: Alexander Stoica

(17k) This creates and uses a control called nicebutt. The buttons have a gradient colour fill. 

Author: Mr BCX

(35k) Contains two examples using the custom control.

Text_ProgressCtl is a simple progress bar with text.

VuCtrl uses a gradient progress bar to simulate a Vu Meter as could be found on audio systems. Text may also been added.

Author: Gerard Durand

(28k) Font select combo (custom control)

This control is similar to the font selection combo box of Word 2000. It
allows the user to select a font from a drop down list.

Author: TMouse


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