DirectX This page was last updated 31st March 2002

(7.89k) Example of using DirectX8.



Author: Ngan Wai Hung


(10.5k) Another example from Ngan. Rotating triangle using DirectX.



Author: Ngan Wai Hung


(49.6k) Example of loading a texture & rotate a textured quad.



Author: Ngan Wai Hung


(174k) Test program for DirectX Graphics 8. Goto, search "d3dx8_0b.exe", download this file, use winzip to open it (it's a self-extract zip), extract files "d3dx8d.dll" & "d3dx8d.lib" to wherever u want (put it to lcc\bin is recommend), open wedit & use util > import foreign library, load up d3dx8d.lib & convert it, DONE ! now u can compile directx8 program with no problems !!!!

Author: Ngan Lo


(376k) Donuts is an MS game supplied with the DirectX SDK. It uses DDraw and DSound.



 Contributor: Mike Caetano


(507k) This is a test program that uses DirectX8.1 with Lccwin32.

Author: Ngan Lo


(12k) A test demo using DirectX9, just render a single polygon.

Author: Ngan Lo


(241k) (DirectX7) Example of 256 colours fullscreen DirectDraw using IDirectDrawSurface7_BltFast. With Palette.
Update: DDXFade added to fade the palette.


 Author: John Findlay



(25k) (DirectX7) Example of a DirectDraw Window-ed app with clipping rects.



 Author: John Findlay

(393k) (DirectX8) A swimming Dolphin with undulating light rays reflected on the sea bed. You will need d3dx8d.dll and d3dx8d.lib. Ngan Lo above describes how to get these files if you don't already have them.

This is converted from an MS DirectX SDK example.


Contributor: John


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