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(5.10k) Bin2txt Console App. Written a few years ago, when I had to include a binary file as a resource. This will dump binary to text, so you can then copy/paste into your resources.

Author: Josef Planeta

(3.26k) Console example of using the COMM port with CreateFile()

Author: Unkown


(74k) MTTTY illustrates overlapped serial communication using multiple threads. An MS example.

Author: Stephan Zorn

(11.5k) Anonymous Read Pipe Example.

Author: Mike Caetano


(85k) Threaded RedBlack Trees Library

Contributed by: Alexander Stoica


(6.8k) Markov Compression

Contributed by: Alexander Stoica


(20k) Port Scanner. Will scan all 64k ports.

Author: Joerg  (John has attempted a translation)


(17k) SerialGen a small program to generate serial numbers - It should be impossible to fake any of the serials generated because it uses rsa and md5 generate a hash out of a user name and a random id. This hash is signed and exported to ascii. sample.exe and serialgen.exe are precompiled and are both console applications.

Author: Johannes Totz 

(12k & 95k) Manage your Print Jobs.

Author: John White


(9k) Getline is a replacement for gets(), there are also a few console handling routines too.

 Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


(39k) SiFAX is send/receive fax utility for Class 2.0 fax-modems.

Author: Andrey Barkhatov

(49k) Self extraction packer. The packer EXE itself is 23kB (no DLL is needed) after being compressed with UPX. It bases on compression with zlib 1.1.4. You start it and simply drag & drop a file associated with an application (i.e. MyDocument.xls) in the program-window. A new self extractable EXE will be generated. The new filename in that case would be 

"2003-05-26 (17.34) MyDocument.EXE" (the time of the xls-File).

The when you start this EXE it self extracts in the temporary folder, starts
the associated application and then calmly waits for the termination of that
process. After that process has ended, it checks if the file has been changed and repacks it if necessary. The temporary file then will be deleted.

Author: Andreas Martin


(10k) A little new rundos.exe, which has the ability to resize the command-window according to the settings in a rundos.ini configuration file.

 Author: Stephan Zorn

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