General Graphics This page was last updated 2nd March 2005

(91k) Example of a mini raytrace. Note: Only include raytrace.c into the project. All other files are included by this file.

Author: Unkown


(146k) Animation of a small dog - making dog noises.

Author: Josef Planeta


(35.4k) This is sample screensaver. It uses scrnsave.lib. Screen saver library allow easy way to create screen savers. This ex. shows IE error boxes.

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


(172k) Dislin contains two examples using a free scientific data plotting software library that has been compiled for use with LCC-Win32. Get the library from here DISLIN The examples were supplied to me by J. E. Palomar but they are also part of the library distribution.

Author of DISLIN: Helmut Michels 


(14k) Color Picker displays a window with a graduated color rectangle. Choosing a color also displays the hex value.

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


(53k) Iconlib contains various routines for dealing with Icons. (Ross said he will update this library later.

Author: Ross Axe


(3.4k) Layered Windows example. Make window transparency using SetLayeredWindowAttributes() (NT based systems only).

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


(168k) Demonstrates a technique for skinned apps.

Submitted by: Mike Caetano


(8k) Counts GDI objects in use - useful when trying to detect GDI leaks. This will not work on NT based systems.

Author: John Findlay


(17k) As the name suggests, an embellished dialog.

Author: Holger Buick


(14k) A simple screen saver.

Author: David Brown


(31k) AlphaBlend with Per-pixel Alpha Channel.

Author: Feng Yuan


(71k) "Metapaint" is a simple 2D cadd program for making windows enhanced metafiles ("clip art"). 

Author: Tom Timmerman


(34k)You can either drop JPG-File(s) onto the application icon in explorer, or drop them onto the running application window, or click "load JPG". Then the size of the image is displayed (in centimeters) and you may change it.

Author: Andreas Martin


(80k) Palette/Gradient editor for 256 colours. Demonstrates custom controls, & use of owner-drawn buttons.

Author: Luke Hudson


(7k) Fractal flower generation.

Author: Henry Das

(46k) Custom Font.

Author: Kohai

(47k) Screen Saver using Flies images.

Author: Dario Tomasoni

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