Useful Links
The above link will be useful for those who do not have the PSDK - download is 17 meg and contains the following hlp files.
Microsoft Programmer's Guide to Windows 95 95GUIDE.HLP
Microsoft Knowledge Base KBASE.HLP
Microsoft Win32 Message (MAPI) Reference MAPI.HLP
MIDL Programmer's Reference MIDL.HLP
ISAPI Programmer's Reference MISAPI.HLP
Multimedia Programmer's Reference MMEDIA.HLP
OLE 2.0 Programmer's Reference OLE.HLP
OpenGL Programmer's Reference OPENGL.HLP
MS Windows Performance Data Helper Reference PDH.HLP
MS Windows Pen API Programmer's Reference PENAPI.HLP
Win32 Programming Techniques PROGTECH.HLP
Remote Procedure Calls Reference RPC.HLP
MS Windows Setup API Programmer's Reference SETUPAPI.HLP
MS Windows Sockets 2 Reference SOCK2.HLP
MS Windows Telephony API Programmer's Reference TAPI.HLP
Win32 Programmer's Reference WIN32.HLP
Win32s Programmer's Reference WIN32S.HLP
Multimedia API Reference MM.HLP
Microsoft Windows Developer's Guide GUIDE.HLP
Microsoft Tools Reference MSTOOLS.HLP
Resource Compiler User's Guide RC.HLP


comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions

Useful archive containing material about the C programming language.

Wotsit's Format

All you ever wanted to know about file formats.

Snippets Org

Many good sources.

Standard C This document provides all the information you need to read and write programs in the Standard C programming language. It describes all aspects of Standard C that are the same on all implementations that conform to the standard for C.
Frequently Asked Questions about Win32 Programming This document covers common issues raised in the USENET group. It also covers lots of the hard questions that colleagues come up and ask me, and things that have caused much hair pulling as project deadlines approached.
The Function Pointer Tutorials

Function Pointers provide some extremely interesting, efficient and elegant programming techniques. You can use them to replace switch/if-statements, to realize your own late-binding or to implement callbacks.

BCX -- A free BASIC to C Translator for LCC-Win32  BCX comes with over 200 BASIC code samples that, when run through the Translator, are ready to be compiled with LCC-Win32.  The samples are divided into categories: GUI / DLL / CONSOLE.
Algorithm Implementations Many algorithms here.
#Winprog FAQ's  Tutorials   Resources Etc. Win32 API C/C++, MFC, and many other of the latest programming topics are discussed here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
DISLIN library A free scientific data plotting software library that has been compiled for use with LCC-Win32.
AT&T Asm AT&T Assembly syntax site used for the LCC-Win32 inline asm. i.e.  _asm ("cmpb %cl, %dl");
SourceForge Community for open source projects:
Sourcebank Searchengine for programmers:
TheFreeCountry Free Programmers' Resources:
FreeByte Free Programmers Resources
Relisoft Windows programming (C++ but very good):
Lysator Linkpage to a lot of C tutorials:
FAQs Many RFCS and usenet FAQs:
Winsock Tutorial Good tutorial about winsock:
Fun Some fun stuff for programmers:
Free-Databases List of free databases:
Planet-Source-Code Source code archives:
ProgrammersHeaven Source code archives:
Devx Source code archives:
CodeProject Source code archives:
Dr. Dobb's Dr. Dobb's Journal:
Microsoft Microsoft:
MSDN MAG Microsoft:
Online Books The Online Books Page for 'Mathematics and Computer Science'  
Compression In the section compression you can find articles about data compression which are mainly focused for programmers.  
Writing Bug-Free C Code This book describes an alternate class methodology that provides complete data hiding and fault-tolerant run-time type checking of objects in C programs. With it, you will produce code that contains fewer bugs.   
Fresh Sources A good C Reference  

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