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(4.34k) A spinning coloured triangle.

Author: Josef Planeta

(8.55k) Spinning cylinder with chars wrapped to surface. (uses Glut32)

Author: Unknown

(9.75k) TriSquar is another simple demonstration. The reason I've included it is because it is well documented. It is Lesson 4 of NeHe's OpenGL tutorials.

Author: Jeff Molofee


(167k) Three Textures are rotated around the central axis.

Author: Tom Findlay



(154k) SBalls. Eight spinning balls and controllable via the mouse.

Author: Mustata Bogdan


(18.9k) Another tutorial from NeHe. Demonstrates lighting and shadows using objects created from data files. A comment in the source says "Attention!!! This code is not for beginners."

Author: Banu Cosmin


(44k) A Windows-Enhanced-Metafile/Gerber-PCB OpenGL viewer.

Author: Andrey Barkhatof

(33k) Displays a MilkShape shape. MilkShape is a 3D modeling tool - you can find it with Google. 

Author: A NeHe tutorial


(220k) This code loads and plays an Quake MD2 model.

Author: Leyder Dylan


(185k) Displays a MilkShape animation - this example uses an ASCII MilkShape file. The bones are also drawn.

Author: various

(91k) MilkAnim1 displays a MilkShape animation as above but loads a binary MilkShape file instead of an ASCII file. 

This will also display the HOG anim from the above MilkAnim. I have included the 'hog.ms3d' file but you will need to copy the 'sowtex3.tga' into the data folder from the MilkAnim example above.

Author: various



(53k) Funky 3D is a small application showing functions is three dimensional space using OpenGl. There is a ReadMe.pdf

Heinz has done additional work on his OpenGL/3d-function-plotter Funky3D, this is version is 1.1, please read the docs.

Author: Heinz van Saanen

(109k) GlutStuf. You will need some additional GLUT files to compile Funky3D.


(87k) BPLcc_GL.Lib is a Library with tools for easy/advanced OpenGL
applications created only to work with lcc-win32 IDE.

BPLcc_GL Library v2.3 Supports:
- Initialize OpenGL Window in Full OR Windowed Style.
- Keyboard and Mouse Objects support.
- Camera Object support.
- Stadar Window True Fonts Object Support.
- 3D Window True Fonts Object Support.
- TGA Image Files Loading.
- Texture Handling Object.
- Fog Handling Object.

Author: Vasileios Kon. Pothos

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