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'Open Source' here means projects that would benefit from others participation. So for example, you have a project that is too large to be properly tested and or completed by oneself, or you would like to collaborate with others in the hope that your project will benefit from their input, you would just like to be involved in team work... etc, etc.

I will display your e-mail address as a link so that others can contact you for the purpose of contributing to said project. So as to reduce spam the e-mail link will be encoded as hex values, this is not a foolproof way of avoiding spam-bots but it does avoid most of them.  If all goes well and you are successful in attracting participants their names and e-mail addresses can be added if that is appropriate.

(16k) SourceSafe script

SourceSafe script is a small program used for automating tasks for Visual SourceSafe 6. Provide a filename as commandline parameter which contains commands to execute.

Contact: Servé Laurijssen



(1.4 meg) BPLcc 2D Library is a group of open source C functions designed for Lcc-Win32 IDE, that give the cabapility to users to create fast and easy 2D Applications. Version 1.00 provided as is under GNU-GPL as is with the following cabapilities and extras:
- Capabilities/Support: Easy window initialize, Keyboard, Mouse, Sprites, Animation, User Fonts, Timers, Some Stadar Graphics, Sound.
- 15 Examples source codes (with their execute files).
- Girls Game 2D - Source code & game executable.
- Callibration code executable.
- Some documentation.

Open Source Project - If anyone is interested to develop more this library adding f.e. objects for easy handling AVI(video & sound), True Fonts, Sliders, Listboxes, Multiple BPLcc 2D Windows sharing on runtime data between them, Files IO, e.t.c. e.t.c., in order to make faster and easier Applications/Games Development with this "OOP" style programming I use in C, can e-mail me.

Contact: Vasileios Kon. Pothos

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