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(3.16k) The Generic application. Good for beginners.

Author: Charles Petzold


(2.76k) Using a Dialog as the main window.

Author: ---


(229k) Displays a Taskbar Icon showing the moon's phases.

Author: Eberhard Funck


(5.67k) General MDI listing. (Multiple Document Interface)

Author: Juan Balderas


(4.44k) Simple example of subclassing a control.

Author: John Findlay


(6.93k) Monitors the memory status. RAM, Paging and Virtual memory.

Author: Shervin Emami


(7.20k) Displays the capabilities of a device context. Console app.

Author: Mike Caetano


(5.20k) Example of using OwnerDraw Buttons

Author: John Findlay


(5.12k) Demonstrates creation of a dialog at run-time.

(9.55k) Improved version of RunDlg. Deals with variable length Unicode arrays when setting up the DLG templates.

Author: John Findlay


(7.11) Small encryption example. Uses the password to encrypt the data.

Author: Kayan Azimov


(20.6k) LCCWheel adds MouseWheel functionality to WEdit. Great prog.

LCCWheel it must be turned on 'do not include underscores in dll exports' option under linker tab in project configuration. Remember also your web visitors to run LCCWheel after wedit, or to disable/enable it in order to attach to wedit process.

Author: Luca Cavalli


(12.5k) TimeOff a little example on how to use date and timer picker which will quit windows at a given time.

Author: Luca Cavalli


(33.2k) Drive Jump is a pop-up drive browser. Right click the program icon in the system tray and browse your drives.

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


(3.76k) Magnetic demonstrates how to make your window snap into position like WinAmp.

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen


(147k) I wrote this code to provide a better "directory picker" dialog for the Wise Installation System that supports browsing the network neighborhood.

Author: Ralf Buschmann


(92k) Here is a short program mainly demonstrating non rectangular window. Also, it will give you *objective* answers about your everyday life ;-)

Author: JEP


(17.5k) Coolmenu demonstrates how to add  some adornments to your menus.

Author: Mike Caetano


(14.1k) KillProcess lists all (most?) running processes. Select one from the list and shut it down. (Updated to use a list view)

Author: John Findlay


(15.5k) OwnBut draws ownerdraw buttons. Similar to Owner (above) but better.

Author: Pat Bullman






Tinypad1 (Update)

(28k) Notepad clone that uses the rich edit control. (updated on 19th August 2002)

Author: Tuukka Lehtinen

Update TO Tinypad by Jerry Kitchen
RFT txt loading and saving. Right mouse button from Microsoft, font and color select change for rtf. Window position save, Toolbar with Tooltips each in separate files for ease of use.. Also lpcmdline loading.

An update to Tinypad's update by Jerry Kitchen (30th Nov 2007)


(43k) Another Notepad clone. (RC added by Jacques Laporte)

Author: Sean O'Rourke


(167k) Jacques Laporte has added more to this project, part of which is more Unicode support.

Author: Jacques Laporte


(23k) Re-sizes and/or Moves a window automatically. The idea is too keep your (some nasty website) windows from opening too big (those annoying ads!) and/or from opening with the Close (x) button out-of-bounds.

Author: John White


(8k) CDMenuTray puts an icon in the system tray - two popup menu items using the right mouse button, one opens the CD door the other closes the CD door.

John White


(8k) CrossBox makes a full screen cross cursor and drag box for graphics selecting. Perhaps it will be useful to someone.

Author: Tom Timmermann


(13k) NCPaint paints the title bar, borders & window icon, it also manages moving and re-sizing of the window. If the windows properties are changed it will re-size the title bar. It needs more work though, particularly drawing the menu. (quite difficult)

Author: John Findlay


(4k) Standby demonstrates putting a computer into standby mode.

Author: Anonymouse

(13k) Demonstrates a global hook. A a system wide WH_GETMESSAGE hook that captures WM_PAINT messages.

Author: Mike Caetano

(16k) The XMsgBox code is designed to extend the functionality of the
MessageBox API. (Read the readme.txt)

Timed Message box with countdown.
The message box can be set to close after a certain time. 
The countdown can be displayed as part of the message text.

Author: TMouse

(33k) A rudimentary crash report logger meant to aid tracking down bugs in programs compiled without debug information. It is based on sample code from Matt Pietrek's "Under the Hood" column in the April 1997 issue of Microsoft Systems Journal.

Author: Mike Caetano

(9k) A rudimentary Control Panel App. Make sure you tick the 'Do not include underscores in dll exports'.

Author: John

IP Finder
(729k) IP Finder with Slider windows.

Author: Wee Jin Goh

Dress up Author: Jack Powell


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