GdiPlus Examples This page was last updated 27th May 2016

Examples using the GdiPlus Library. Frankie has made fGdiPlusFlat.h which means using GDI+ is easier. All the examples below use the new header. 





(55k zip) Saves a GdiPlus image to disk  

Loads a BMP and saves it as a PNG.

Author: JohnF





(55k zip) Saves a GdiPlus image to disk.  

Loads a BMP and saves it as a JPG specifying the JPEG Quality.

Author: JohnF


GdiPlus Doc


(1234k zip) The doc was sent to me by Jean-Pierre H. Dumas.



(132k) Example shows how to use a minimum GdiPlus implementation to load and display image files.  

Author: JohnF





(129k) The complete GdiPlus Lib. I can't guaranty it's absolutely complete. Use as a whole or extract parts that are relevant for you. In translating the code into C my object was to emulate the CPP Classes so as to make converting CPP code easier.

Author: JohnF





(109k) Demo using Frankies new GdiPlus header that will make it easier to create apps using GdiPlus. 

The use of GDI+ is mainly limited because of the lacking of header to use the so called flat API's. Searching around some hacks can be found, but they are old and in some cases limited.

The header is fGdiPlusFlat.h

Author: Frankie





(598k) GdiPlusTest demonstrates various uses of GdiPlus. It also has a doc "GDI+ Made flat - part 1.pdf" that explains much of what you need to know. Hopefully there will be other docs forthcoming

The header fGdiPlusFlat.h has been updated.

Author: Frankie


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