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PellesC Add-ins are user made DLL's that add functionality to the IDE. Make sure you have downloaded the Add-In SDK setup.exe from Pelle's web site.




(28k zip) List Function prototypes in C units

Author: CLR




(29k zip) List Function prototypes in VB style (Bugfix 7th Oct)

Author: Timppa





(10k zip) Adds three buttons above the project pane for compiling a 'Release Build' a 'Debug Build' and a 'Profile Build'.

Author: Alexander Stoica






(11k zip) Adds six buttons on the IDE toolbar, 'Release Build Ansi', 'Debug Build Ansi', 'Profile Build Ansi', 'Release Build Unicode', 'Debug Build Unicode', 'Profile Build Unicode',

Author: Alexander Stoica




(10k) Adds a buttons on the IDE toolbar, indents source code in the current unit.

Author: Holger Buick






(14k zip) This addin opens a web browser window and then searchs for the current selected word of your source code. Put the caret at the word you want to search for and right click "Google search" or "MSDN search".

Update 10th March 2006. The difference is the MSDN URL.

Update 9th October 2006. Added Google Code Search

Author: CLR





(87k zip) Frankies addin. 

This addin is based on the excellent work of CLR, while it is keeping the function and prototypes (lightly improved) it adds the following features:

1) Module comment (creation and editing)
2) Function comment (creation and editing)
3) Win32 help search (with F1)
4) Automatic versioning and build counter with version editing.
5) Element usage (still incomplete)
6) Classic CLR code features

The features of points 1 and 2 are accessed with left mouse button (the module comment from from anywhere in the file, function comment clicking inside the function). For feature 3 select the word and press F1 (first declare win32.hlp in setup) The automatic versioning is enabled creating a macro in the project options named 'VERSION'. The value of this macro is the name of the versioning .c and .h files (before enable versioning feature in the setup). After the first creation include the version.c file in the project. Element usage for now simply searches the next forward occurrence of the selected word in the text. The classic CLR functions are available as before. This is a Alpha release.

Author: Frankie





(13k zip) LoadRC places an icon on the IDE toolbar which attempts to load the projects RC file into the editor. It will only load an RC file that belongs to the project. If no RC file is found a MessageBox displays the fact. (Bugfix: slight adjustment to way the RC documents are closed)

Author: JohnF





(25k zip) ShowInc was created by timovjl to load system header files 

Put the mouse cursor on the line where #include <xxx> is and select "Show Include" from context menu.

JohnF has extended it to load local headers as well.

Put the mouse cursor on the line where #include "xxx" is and select "Show Include" from context menu.




(14k zip) RCFile adds syntax highlighting to an .RC file loaded into the IDE editor.

Author: Timppa





(6k zip) Here is another way to load an RC into the editor. This adds a item to the project context menu.

Right click on the RC file in the project panel and choose "Open in Source Editor"

You will need Matt Pietrek's "libctiny.lib" to compile it. See here. If you don't want to use libctiny.lib take out these two lines.

#pragma nodefaultlib
#pragma comment(lib, "libctiny.lib");

Author: Timppa (Original code by Pelle)





(6k zip) This adds a item to the project context menu that will compile the selected source file.

Right click on the source file in the project panel and choose "Compile"

You will need Matt Pietrek's "libctiny.lib" to compile it. See here. Same as above, take out the lib if you don't want to use it.

Author: Timppa





(12k zip) Export C source to HTML or PDF. For compressed PDF you will also need ZLIB. See here for ZLIB

Author: Originally Pelle with contributions from Timppa and Robert Wishlaw





- CodeTree (15k zip) formats the source when opening the code tree
- each IDE-document has its own code tree window as child window
- your selection in the tree selects the corresponding line in the IDE-document.
- indenting of "else" and "else if" added

warning: opening the codetree will format your code and so the IDE will not be able to make a "undo" of previous changes.

Author: Holger Buick





- Pfa (9k zip) Allows the adding of a commandline argument via the addin.

Displays a dialog box that prompts for arguments, then runs the program.

Updated 18 April 2007 (button removed from the toolbar and new menu item added in Project menu. Shortcut: Alt+P+O)

Author: Carlos Une





- Clean (10k zip) clean: new shortcut, Alt+P+L

Author: Carlos Une





- RegTypeLib (79k zip) This is an addin that shows all registered Ole libraries and by using Pelle's TypeLib addin code it will generate the header for a selected library.

Author: Me 

Bug Sorted by Timovjl - these have been taken out of an if clause

BufCat(pOut, _T("\tSTDMETHOD(QueryInterface)(IDispatch*,REFIID,void**);\n"));
BufCat(pOut, _T("\tSTDMETHOD_(ULONG,AddRef)(IDispatch*);\n"));
BufCat(pOut, _T("\tSTDMETHOD_(ULONG,Release)(IDispatch*);\n"));







Various Addins (915k).


Author: L. D. Blake







 (69k) TypeLib will save out a header file created from a type library, a .TLB file.

Author Timo


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