Custom Controls This page was last updated 5th January 2006

Programmers can create custom controls to perform tasks not supported by predefined controls. Windows provides the following ways to create custom controls: 

1. Using Owner-Drawn Controls
2. Subclassing the Window Class of an Existing Control
3. Implementing an Application-Defined Window Class





(12k zip) Hlink creates a user control that is a hyper-link as seen on web pages. 

Author: Alexander Stoica





(20k zip) Hyperlink also creates a user control that is a hyper-link but this control can also be used from the Pelles C Dialog Editor. 

Author: Alexander Stoica






(34k zip) EasySplitter is a custom control, in library format, that can be used with Pelles C to implement a very simple splitter window. With EasySplitter you create a splitter bar as a windows control that you can size, move and stylize like any other windows control. All mouse capture and window drag operations are handled internally by the control itself. 


1) Splitter bars can now accept keyboard focus and can be moved using the arrow keys. Left, Right, Home and End move vertical splitters. Up, Down, PgUp and PgDn move horizontal ones. To use this feature just add the WS_TABSTOP style when creating splitter windows.

2) The drawing routines have been improved to provide a more efficient response to WM_PAINT and to draw a focus rectangle when the splitter bar gets keyboard focus. 

3) Splitter windows can now be enabled and disabled, like other control windows. When disabled they do not respond to keyboard or mouse actions and if ES_LINE is used, the center line is removed, providing visual cues for the user. 

Updated to Version 1.2

In version 1.2 sending the ESM_STOP message no longer releases mouse capture.

Updated to Version 2.0

This is a full rewrite of the original code. Several new functions have been added and it's behavior has been changed as well. If you are updating from version 1.X you will need to study the demo program and read this entire file. You will have to modify your WM_SIZE handlers, to use this version.

Author: L D Blake






(631k zip) MeterControl draws a task manager like gauge with VU and Grid like styles for Memory and CPU usage.


Author: Benjamin Maggi

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