General Windows Code This page was last updated 29th August 2014

General Windows Code will include anything that does not fall into other categories. 





(11k zip) LoadRtfRes loads and displays an RTF file that has been included via a resource.

Author: Alexander Stoica






(26k zip) Coolmenu show how to create a menu with a colour gradient band down the left side of the menu.

Original Author: James Brown,







(8k zip) SubClassBut is an example of how to subclass Window's controls. A button is used in this case but the basic code can be used for any type of control subclassing.

Author: JohnF



 (90k) _OptiFix.h is a tiny header that I put together to deal with some of the optimizer
bugs plaguing Pelles C.

oleidl.h and shlobj.h are patched headers that now correctly include the
libraries when #define WIN32_DEFAULT_LIBS is defined.

Author L.D. Blake

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