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Utility programs that cover many aspects of programming and usage. 





(151k zip) PrfView will show a PellesC Profile file (.PRF) as a visual representation. You must run you app with profiling first though.

Author: Alexander Stoica





(454k zip) Extractor creates a self extracting EXE from a zip archive. There are five projects in the workspace, FEWizard, Bin2h, Header, Makesfx and Getversion. The Header.exe (the part that will extract) is placed at the start of the main app FEWizard.exe

Original Author: Andrew Fawcett (changes by JohnF)

25th Feb 2010, Fixed resource leaks, DC and Fonts.  Erwin informed me of the leaks.




(384k zip) FindFile finds files or text in files. Scans drives fast and will search by dates or sizes. You can launch, delete, copy, move, drag & drop files etc.

32 and 64bit projects are included.

From the change log.

18th May 2016. Version 3.2 (JF)
Frankie supplied an Italian translation of the resource strings which has been added to the project.

On the 'Send To' context menu one could Send To a folder but  not a drive - fixed.

Added Unicode switch to Stephan Zorn's command line code.  You might be able to guess the switch  /U+

Bug in DeleteListViewEntres() Fixed swprintf(s, PATH_SIZE, s, g_fileopts.count);

There were occasions when the icon would continue to be  displayed in the image window box when it shouldn't.
Added this code to function ClearPreview()

    if(g_hIcon != NULL){
        g_hIcon = NULL;

8th May 2016. Version 3.2 (JF)
Removed ButtEx64W.lib & ButtEx32W.lib and included ButtonEx.c for both the 32bit and 64bit projects.

There is only one .RC file now for both the 32bit and 64bit versions of FindFile. "FindFileUni.rc"

Added a Mutex so that only one instance of FindFile can be run at any one time. See wWinMain().

The total bytes listed are summed and displayed in the status bar after the scan has finished, this can also be used to show
the bytes used on a drive, partition or in a folder.

In many cases used the macro ARRSIZE(s) to pass size of buffer to a Windows API instead of a hardcoded number.

Ctrl+C in header window for clipboard copy, see SubClassTextBoxProc(). Select text with mouse then Ctrl+C
will copy the text to the clipboard.

Changed SHRecycleBin() (Shell.c) to send folders to the Recycle Bin as well as files.

A new Dutch translation has been added to the resource strings by Siekmanski, and Grincheux has done a better French translation.

Two Dialog message boxes always displayed in English - fixed.

Added ToolTip to the WebSite button on the About Dialogbox explaining what one will find there.

Removed the icon from the Search button.

Left in the LFCR's for 'View Search Results' in header window, the text looks better.

Added icons from applications on the Context 'Send To' menu strip.

Added a check to se if the native language is supported, if not, set to English. See IsLanguageSupported() in Utils.c


Author: John Findlay

Stephan Zorn added the command line functionality, the version control and first converted FindFile from lcc-win32 C to PellesC



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