PellesC Wizards This page was last updated 6th January 2011

PellesC Wizards are user made DLL's that will create applications automatically.




(53k zip) Wizard to create MDI apps. Choice between a simple application that will add new MDI windows, or an application with Statusbar and Toolbar.

Place the MdiWiz.dll in ROOT\PellesC\Bin\Wizards

Updated to make all resources English/USA

22nd July 2009 Updated to make the resulting apps UNICODE friendly. The apps are made to be UNICODE as default.

13th June 2010 Buffer overrun bug in the statusbar code fixed.

int ptArray[nrOfParts]; 

changed to

int ptArray[nrOfParts+1];

Author: JohnF





(39k zip) A cool template tool for Pelles C. It contains templates for various compound statements, dialog procedures, windows procedures, a very smooth structure builder, message crackers for Windows controls, ASCII table, and lots more. You can even add your own templates! It's freeware and open source. This is a great contribution and time saver!

First build the project, then install it in the IDE like this:

Choose Tools -> Customize and click the New tool button. Enter the menu text, for example "C templates wizard". Enter the command: "<install path>cwiz.exe". Click OK.

Author: Holger Buick





(22k) A wizard for creating new project wizards. With this you can start building your own wizards. Maybe you don't like the code generated for a new project by one of the standard wizards? Build your own!

The finished DLL must be copied to install path\Bin\Wizards, and the IDE must be restarted, before you can see the wizard in the New Project dialog.

Author: Holger Buick





(2251k) Version 3.1 of Wizard. The POINST Wizard is a tool for quickly creating POINST scripts based on menu selections, and a drag-n-drop tree structure for organizing files into installation sections. Wizard configurations can be saved into project files and recalled later. POINST scripts can be saved as is, modified, or compiled on the fly into an installer. It's freeware and open source.

Author: David MacDermot 

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