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LCC-Win32 is a C compiler system for Windows - if not used commercially it is free. It has many features to help the programmer, ranging from source code analysis to user define keyboard macros. The IDE enables the programmer to control all operations from a Windows environment so there's no need to resort to command line compilation unless that's your preference. If you have a commercial use contact the author Jacob Navia

Resources are grouped according to topic: 

Note for Newbies:- Generally only files that are essential to make the projects are included in the example zip files ( the exception to this rule is the EXE ); look in "makefile" to see what libs are required to build any particular project.

New Topics will be added as sources become available:

Open Source Projects
Windows Programming
Windows Common Controls
Custom Controls
General Graphics
NT Based Systems
File I/O & Conversions

These web pages have been expressly created to hold resources for programmers using LCC-Win32 although anyone is welcome to benefit from these resources.

The primary site for downloading LCC-Win32 is  Jacob Navia's LCC-Win32 Site  

Although this C compiler system is free, it is a good idea in my opinion to at least buy the minimum e-mail distribution that costs (at time of writing) Euro 30, this will hopefully ensure the continued development of LCC-Win32. The minimum e-mail distribution contains the LCC compiler source code plus 2MB of examples and demos for MS Windows C Programming.

There are currently two places that one can ask questions pertaining to LCC-Win32 and related issues.

News Group: subscribe to 'comp.compilers.lcc' or see Google's comp.compilers.lcc archive

Forum: Q Software Solutions Forum

Also you might find useful information from the links page:

Links Page:  Links  (updated 27th July 2002) Links to C related programming sites.


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